Read My Facebook Updates, Government


One thought on “Read My Facebook Updates, Government

  1. Jan Marie says:

    My thoughts on this:

    The good thing about Facebook status updates is that it allows The People to communicate (or did, before 1%er Mark Zuckerberg started censoring) so The People can educate each other and unite. This country wasn’t founded by a government, it was founded by PEOPLE who FORMED the government – a government that is only supposed to be able to run with The People’s consent. So if the government isn’t going to look out for our interests like it’s supposed to, it’s up to US to take action. Social networking is just one tool we can use in that process. In fact that’s one reason I have this blog. I can’t afford to travel to NYC to be part of OWS directly, but if I can educate and/or inspire others, it’s worth it. “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.” (Theodore Roosevelt)

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